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Last night my friend sent me a link to this article in the Washington Post, A doctor shouted at a sick mother to ‘get the hell out.’ Now he’s under criminal investigation.” 

My friend asked me to read it and then share my opinion.

I said, “It’s like Trump, we don’t have the full details.”

My friend responded and said, “I say go, Doctor!!”

My response to their comment,

If the patient was truly being uncompromising, unruly, and thinking their needs should be prioritized over the needs of other patients, then I understand the physicians response. If what the patient is saying is the entire story, then I think the physician is in the wrong. (no matter what, I do not agree with the physical removal of the phone or the cussing towards another individual)

However, all of us need to understand that this is the market. These are the market dynamics.

We all have the power of choice.

If we do not like the wait time, the prioritization, the triage, the physician, the nurse, the receptionist, or even the color of the walls, we can choose to spend our money elsewhere.

There is no need to get mean, nasty, or confrontational.

All you need to do is choose to spend your money elsewhere.

In an abundant world of choices, each of us decides where we spend our time and attention.

Choice is powered at the N of 1.

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*I did find the video today and watched it, I encourage you to do so as well.


The #GFHCpledge

Hello friends

I encourage you to watch the video.

If you do not want to take a moment to watch the above video, let me quickly explain what the #GFHCpledge is intended to do for healthcare.

There are 2 different pledges.

A pledge for patients.

A pledge for physicians.

Each of the pledges has language that is meant to remind all of us in healthcare of our “why” meanings and moments.

Statements that are empowering.

A pledge that helps all of us get back to the essence of what healthcare has always been about, people.

Two people in a room, having an open and honest dialogue, building a trusted relationship, that established expectations and works collaboratively to make a plan.

A plan that makes healthcare fucking great.

A plan that works for both patients and physicians.

I encourage all of you to follow the link: http://gfhc.co/good-fucking-healthcare-gfhcpledge/

Download a pledge.

Read it.

Sign it.

Write your story on the back.

Take a picture.

Share it on your favorite site such as Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, SnapChat and YouTube.

Feel free to email it to me too. (cancergeek@gmail.com)

Attach the hashtag: #GFHCpledge

We will be collecting, curating, and sharing all of the wonderful pledges and stories we find.

Together, we will make health and care fucking great!!

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