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Sunday Brunch

Growing up, Sunday’s were always meant for going to mass, football, and out for Sunday brunch.

My fathers’ memorial mass was today, and as tradition, we decided to go out for brunch. I had the opportunity to try out the amazing brunch at @bar430 in Oshkosh and enjoy company, good food, and sharing memories of my father.

Stories and brunch, like medicine, are shared at the N of 1.

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Kindness At The N of 1

Yesterday I was up at 2am to fly from San Francisco to Houston, meet with a service line administrator, and then fly back to Wisconsin.

On my way home I was in Minneapolis and noticed 3 men walking around a bit aimlessly.

I was busy on my phone, walking, trying to get to my destination.

As I passed them I had a “feeling” that they were maybe a bit lost. I exited the moving walkway and turned to my left to go back to where the men where gathered.

I asked them if they needed help. They said yes. They had been walking around for 30 mins trying to find the “G” concourse. I explained how to get there, but due to the noisy background, they weren’t hearing my clearly. (They were all wearing hearing aids)

I decided to walk them to the “G” concourse. Once we arrived I shook there hand, wished them a safe trip, and went on my way. They were grateful.

Later as the crowd was gathering at my own gate, a woman standing in the line looked a bit perplexed. I again inquired to see if she needed help.

She had indicated that this was supposed to be her gate on a flight back to Moline, IL. I asked her if she had checked her app, monitors or with the gate agent. She said she had not in 8 hours.

We looked up her flight on my app, found the right gate, and she made her flight.

I share this because often times we all are so busy looking down on our phones, worrying about our own journey, that we forget to look up, observe, and take the time to help someone else reach their destination.

All of us have knowledge, experiences, and expertise to share. Many times the people to our left and our right could benefit from that knowledge to continue moving in the right direction.

All we have to do is be willing to take the risk to connect, to share our art, and to lead with kindness.

Kindness, like medicine, delivered at the Nof1.

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