Street Cred

Keynote Speaker, Patient & Physician Evangelist, Medical Ruckusmaker

  • Patient advocate; grant support for ACRIN-ECOG, PCORI, JACR, ACR
  • Top 15 patient advocates to follow 2014, 2015, 2016
  • 2014 Global Services Award-GEHC
  • 2015 Lecture: All Provider Meeting for Community Health Network-Indianapolis on Patient Experience
  • 2015: Social Media Leader for Transform Conference-Mayo Clinic Innovation
  • 2015: Author for Mayo Center for Innovation Blog
  • 2015: Contributing author for The Healthcare Blog
  • 2015: Therapy Insider podcast
  • 2015: GEHC Social Media Ambassador Award -RSNA
  • 2015: My Ideal Patient Experience Project
  • 2016: Contributing author for Healthcare Blog
  • 2016: Contributing author for Mayo Center of Innovation
  • 2016: Patient Scene Podcast
  • 2016: ACR Moreton Lecture: Step Out Of The Dark and Into The Light
  • 2016: HIMSS Social Medial Ambassador
  • 2016: SROA Lecture: Cancer in the Connection Economy
  • 2016: Health:Further Patient Experience – Fireside Chat
  • 2016 JACR Publication: Social Media and the Patient Experience (link:
  • 2016: Ranked #13 on list of Top 100 HIT
  • 2017: Thomas Jefferson Grand Rounds – Step Out of the Dark and Into the Light
  • 2017: Vanderbilt University Grand Rounds – Value in Radiology: Stepping Into the Light
  • 2017: HIMSS Ambassador
  • 2017: Society of Nuclear Medicine – Patient Experience
  • 2017: Journal for American College of Radiology Associate Editor and Contributor
  • 2017: PCORI Grant Associate PI
  • 2017: Dell-EMC Healthcare Think Tank
  • 2017: Advanced Radiology Grand Rounds
  • 2017: Journal of Clinical Nuclear Medicine Editorial Board
  • 2017: ACR – Member of the Patient and Family Centered Care for American College of Radiology
  • 2017: Healthcare At The N of 1 – (Kevin MD)
  • 2017: Let’s Change The Mediocre Status Quo Of Healthcare – (Kevin MD)
  • 2017: JACR Publication: Healthcare Will Be Delivered At The N of 1 –
  • 2018: ASNR – American Society of Nuclear Radiology Keynote Speaker
  • 2018: GE Healthcare – Keynote Speaker “Placing The Me In Medicine”
  • 2018: Pensylvania Society of Radiology – “Practice Wisely: Medicine or Healthcare”
  • 2018: Avant Diagnostics – Elected to the Board of Directors
  • 2018: Future of Work in Medicine – Workshop
  • Developed Growth Engines for a Top 10 ranked Fortune 500 Healthcare Company
  • 19 years of experience in medicine, healthcare, oncology, radiology, pathology, startups, and strategic marketing/branding
  • Worked with one of the original 16 pilot sites for the National Community Cancer Care Programs (NCCCP) funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI)
  • Oversight of 2 ARRA Grants: Multidisciplinary Care & Patient Navigation
  • Program Development: Screening to Diagnosis in 24 hours
  • Program Development: Diagnosis to Treatment plan in 3 days or less

I have many interests ranging from design and art, technology and genomics, entrepreneurship and startups, to marketing, and business.

It is through this melting pot of curiosity and interest that allow me to take the time and pull from all aspects of the world to help identify new and interesting ways to solve current challenges and problems.

I enjoy understanding complex problems and defining them into simple problems to be solved.

Cancer is my life. Cancer is my passion. I am here to “Un-Geek” the world of cancer care.

My desire is to impact the lives of people touched by cancer in this world. Either directly or indirectly by working with vendors, organizations, and healthcare systems.

I am here to make a difficult world of health care easy to understand.

I am here to shift the world of healthcare back to the art of medicine.

I am simply here to offer HOPE.

I intend to make an impact at the N of 1.


Twitter: @cancergeek


This site is not affiliated with any University, Hospital, Clinic, or any other Pharmaceutical Company or Vendor relating to Cancer in any way, shape, or form. The views and opinions listed on this site are that of mine, and are not in any way to take the place of your physician. I do NOT offer medical advice or consultations. Cancer is a complex world, and I am here to help alleviate some of that complexity and confusion for you, but I do NOT replace your physician. The intent of this site is to share my view with the world. At times it may be to educate patients and family members, to offer resources, to ensure that no patient is falling through the cracks of the health care system; At times it may be to discuss a new and interesting article or trial; It may be to share my view on what is possible in the world of cancer and healthcare, and to push the boundaries of what is currently being done.


6 responses to “Street Cred

  1. Dear Cancer Geek,

    I am very grateful for your website. I came across it tonight. I would like to know why radiologist have decided that all breast lumpectomies need radiation. It seems to me if the excision was large enough and the cancer is .66 millimeters, and the cancer is estrogen sensitve with the lymph nodes being cancer free…..Why do I need the same amount of radiation as someone who has a bigger cancer with less favorable diagnosis? I can’t get an honest answer out of my oncology radiologist. I am told it is protocol. Please answer ASAP because I am scheduled for Brackytherapy on Friday…….

    Thank you,

    Marcy Francis

  2. I was recently (July) diagnosed with PC: age 57, PSA at 2.6, Gleason of 3+3=6 in 2 of 12 cores – 1 at 5% and the other at 20%. A recent MRI and bone scan showed no metastisis as could be predicted with my other indicators. I am in excellent health otherwise with a vegetarian diet (no meat, but occasional fish) and regular exercise. My only obvious risk factor is that my father had PC, with a radical prostatectomy in his early 70s – still alive at 88 years old now. I have recently added more soy products, pomegranate juice, cooked tomatoes and cruciferous vegetables to my diet, although these were already part of my normal diet.

    I am currently researching options, but heavily leaning towards active surveillance. My preference would be to do this without the need of biopsy too often, given the side effects of biopsy. I know that PSA alone is also not perfect and that imaging through MRI S and sonography are not overall reliable. But in my research and discussions with various doctors, I have been unable to come up with a recommended, reliable active surveillance protocol. I wonder if you can kindly make recommendations for where to look or what would be a good protocol and whether some of the less invasive approaches to monitoring can reliably replace biopsies.

  3. A very interesting blog and content – keep on!
    Greetings from

  4. Thank you! If you ever need a patient’s perspective/advocate, give me a holler!
    Marcy Westerling

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