9.5.2018 The Most Interesting Things I Observed This Week

  1. The Health System Transformation Space
  2. 11 Healthcare Leaders On The Best, Most Efficient Way to Recognize Employees
  3. HBR: Organizational Grit
  4. Distributed Deep Learning Networks Among Institutions For Medical Imaging
  5. The High-Stakes Race To Create The World’s First Artificial Heart
  6. Paul Singer, Doomsday Investor on Jonathan Bush and Athena Health
  7. Is Blockchain The Answer To A Better Healthcare Industry
  8. How Tech Is Changing How Healthcare Must Communicate With Patients
  9. Great-Heart Is Gone
  10. Commentary: Cancer Isn’t A War Or A Battle, But Maybe Cancer Research Is
  11. Chrissy Far: the Doctor Survived A Spinal Injury That Almost Paralyzed Him. Now Debt Collectors Are Hounding Him
  12. Do Uninsured Patients Recieve More Unnecessary Care?
  13. Days Spent At Home – A Patient-Centered Goal And Outcome
  14. Mapping The Drivers Of Overdiagnosis To Potential Solutions
  15. Mammography Utilization Way Down Among Younger Women – Even Those With A History Of Breast Cancer
  16. America Soured On My Multiracial Family
  17. People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Better Versions Of Themselves
  18. Tom Brady’s Opinion On Kneeling For The Anthem Is Pure Emotional Intelligence
  19. Dr. Atul Gawande Finds Time Between Patients And Family For Writing
  20. Hospitals Battle Over Control Over Fast-Growing Heart Valve Procedure
  21. HP Is ‘Printing’ Drugs For The CDC To Speed Up Antibiotic Testing
  22. AI Can’t Replace Doctor’s Gut Instincts, MIT Study Says
  23. Is This $150 A Month Holistic Primary Care Service The Future Of Medicine?
  24. BMJ: Changing The Way We Communicate About Patients
  25. How Far Are We From Truly Human-Like AI?

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Moving To N of 1

Moving to the N of 1

Many of you know that my drive is to ensure that healthcare transitions from We Care, to Me Care.

The days of being cared for based on a population of people that are similar to you or me are disappearing.

What all of us want is to be seen, heard, and understood.

Our needs, our anxiety, and our expectations.

All we want is to be cared for at a human level. A personal level.

A one to one level.

A level that is made of a patient and a physician visiting.

This is the N of 1.

This is why I’m so excited to be a part of this Board of Directors…because this company, this technology, are driving medicine to the N of 1.

Leaving the world of healthcare and moving back to the world of medicine.

Back to a world built on trust.

A world that delivers care at the N of 1 to you and me.

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