12.5.2018 The Most Interesting Things I Observed This Week

  1. UPENN: Detecting BS In Healthcare
  2. DEF CON 25: Biotechnology Needs A Security Patch
  3. Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Radiologists?
  4. Back To Basics In Patient-Centered Care In Radiology
  5. Stanford ML Group: Deep Learning Assisted Diagnosis For Knee MRI
  6. Imaging 3.0 Radiologists Get A Lesson In Conveying Empathy To Patients
  7. Universally Accessible Personal Medical Records
  8. How To Support Patient Education Through Technologies
  9. Why AI Needs To Reflect Society
  10. The Scientist: No, AI Will Not Replace Radiologists
  11. Will AI Docs Be MD’s or DO’s? 
  12. Catalyst: Patient-Led Data Sharing – New Paradigm For Health Data
  13. JACC: Building Bridges In Cardiology And Radiology
  14. 4 Ways AI Can Make Healthcare More Efficient And Affordable 
  15. How Artifical Intelligence Is Changing Radiology And Pathology
  16. The Love Of My Life – Being Kind
  17. Parliament Seizes Cache of Facebook Internal Papers
  18. The Growing Importance Of Patient-Centric Radiology 
  19. RADxx Awards – Cocktails For Change
  20. 6 Challenges To Tackle Before AI Redesigns Healthcare


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