8.17.2018 The Most Interesting Things I Observed This Week

The Most Interesting Things I Observed This Week:

  1. Rebuilding Alexandria 
  2. When The Bully Is A Doctor
  3. Stop Saying Your Patient Is Allergic To Iodine
  4. What Does The Rise In Radiology Fellowships Mean For General Radiologists
  5. How Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft Are Shaking Up Healthcare – And What It Means To The Future of the Industry
  6. Getting Doctors to Make Better Decision Will Take More Than Money and Nudges
  7. Why do Patients Often Opt for Pricier MRI Tests? They Don’t Shop Around.
  8. Physicians Aren’t Burning Out They Are Suffering Moral Injury
  9. Your Medical Data Is For Sale and There Is Nothing You Can Do About It
  10. Generalists Still Perform The Majority of Invasive Procedures In Radiology
  11. Samumed, a $12B Startup That Wants To Cure Your Baldness and Smooth Out Wrinkles, Just Raised More Cash
  12. X-ray Triggered Nano-Bubbles To Target Cancer
  13. The Magic Number of People Needed to Create Social Change
  14. JAMA – The Care Of The Patient
  15. The Digital Banking Revolution, Who Will Survive?
  16. Digital Health Startup ZocDoc is Wrestling With a Price Change That Could Cripple Doctors
  17. What To Know About Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines
  18. Prepping For RSNA 2018
  19. Magical Thinking About Machine Learning Won’t Bring Reality of AI Any Closer
  20. A CIO’s Take On EHR Optimization
  21. Blockchain Implications On Patient Ownership of Medical Records
  22. Why Deep Learning Is Suddenly Changing Your Life
  23. CMS Administrator Calls End To Physician Fax Machines by 2020
  24. Say It Ain’t So, HAL 9000
  25. AI Can Save US Insurers $7B In Admin Costs

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