5.1.2018 The Most Interesting Things I Observed This Week

The Most Interesting Things I Observed This Week:

  1. Tough Time for Gut Guy? Drug Industry Braces For An Attack On Its TV Ads
  2. Personalized Interactions Are The Future Of Healthcare
  3. He For She At ACR 2018
  4. The Problem With Miracle Cancer Cures
  5. A GoFund Me Campaign Is Not Health Insurance
  6. 3 Strategies For Burnout Prevention
  7. Radiologists And Internet Transparency: You Can Run But You Cannot Hide
  8. Radiology Residency Programs Should Focus More On Patient And Family-Centered Care
  9. Making Ideas Into Reality At MIT’s ‘Future Factory’
  10. The ER, An Out-Of-Network Provider And Then ‘Surprise’
  11. U.S. Hospital Profits Fall As Labor Costs Grow And Patient Mix Shifts
  12. Cleveland Clinic’s Path To A Better Patient Experience Began With A Focus On Empathy
  13. A Saturday In May…A Study In Engagement
  14. Leadership When Events don’t Play By The Rules
  15. An Opioid Crisis Foretold
  16. In Just 2 Words, Jeff Bezos Sums Up What Separates Winners From Dreamers
  17. Why Big Tech Is Plotting An Invasion Of The Healthcare Market
  18. Independence, Comcast Partner On New Patient-Centered Technology Platform
  19. Medicare Will Require Hospitals To Post Prices Online
  20. To combat Physician Burnout And Improve Care, Fix The Electronic Health Record
  21. Podcast: Innovation Activist via Dr. Reed Omary
  22. NHS: Review Announced Into Training NHS Staff To Use AI And Robotics
  23. 89% Of Younger Consumers Are Unimpressed With Health Systems’ Technology Capabilities

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