4.10.2018 The Most Interesting Things I Observed This Week

  1. Why 6 Trends Are Pointing To A Revolution In Healthcare
  2. She Was given 3 Years To Live, So She Transformed Cancer Research
  3. Artificial Intelligence Is Everywhere by Cancergeek
  4. Is There A Role For Social Media In Medicine?
  5. Dr. Amy Patel On Taking Diversity In Radiology From Airy Catchphrase To Concrete Action
  6. #IAMIR: A Review Of SIR 2018
  7. Blockchain: Opportunities For Healthcare
  8. This Is Why Blockchain Will Transform Healthcare
  9. Wonder Women: Meet The Leaders Breaking Barriers And Mentoring The Next Generation Of Women In Science And Medicine
  10. Hobbes, Hume….And Healthcare
  11. ACR: the Craft Of Patient Communication
  12. It’s Time To Ban Productivity From Medicine
  13. One Story That Shows How Insane Private Healthcare Really Is
  14. StartUp Health Insights Q1 2018 Report
  15. Breast Cancer Screening In Women At Higher Than Average Risk: Recommendations From The ACR
  16. Podcast: Protect Your Rights In A “Post Privacy World”
  17. How Data Brokers Make Money Off Your Medical Records
  18. Do You Practice Twitter Based Medicine?
  19. Does More Achievement Make Us Better Physicians?
  20. 3 Ways Virtual Reality Is Changing Medicine
  21. AJNR Podcast: Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Falgun Chokshi and Dr. Wende Gibbs
  22. HBR: AI Will Change Radiology, But It Won’t Replace Radiologists
  23. JACR: Appropriateness Criteria Patient-Friendly Summaries
  24. No One Was Listening To Us. Lessons From The Jahi McMath Case
  25. 7 Lessons From Former CEO Gail Goodman On Leadership In Startups

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