Tai Lopez Will Be The First To Go When Armageddon Strikes

The above is a screen capture I took from Instagram of a question that Tai Lopez asked of his followers,

In the event that it is armageddon, which of the vehicles would you select and why?

He shows a garage full of various Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, and other exotic cars. Tai himself even says above that he would select the blue Rolls Royce.

I stopped to think about the question and thought to myself if it is Armageddon, it doesn’t matter what the heck your Instagram followers think, nor does it matter how cool your garage is filled with exotic sports cars, and I most likely wouldn’t want to be seen in a luxury exotic car.

If anything, you will be the first to be picked off if you are seen in a fancy car. People will think you have a place to hide out. Food and rations stored. Money and other expensive goods to trade and barter for survival gear.

Not to mention that if you are trying to outrun the onslaught that is coming, you are stuck to paved roads and highways, all of which are going to be jammed with traffic with the same millions of people trying to run away from the same fear and eventual death.

If I am choosing wisely, I want this kind of vehicle:

That’s right.

Give me a big old truck with off-road capabilities.

Something that I can put as much gas and additional tanks of fuel in the back, along with armor plating, a few guns, lights, puncture proof tires, a wind turbine for energy, and a place big enough for me and my few close loved ones to live, along with a place to store food.

A vehicle that lets me go to the middle of nowhere in the Frontier States of our nation. The place where Tai, his followers, and all of the other “influencers” will not go.

The place where I can survive.

I may not be as cool as Tai Lopez, nor have a garage full of exotic cars (that may or may not actually be his own), and may never have millions of followers as he does, but that’s okay…..this isn’t for them.

My writing, my ideas, my thoughts, and my stories are for the few that envision a world similar to myself.

A world that begins with human connection.

A world built on meeting the needs of end users to enable their wants through the use of any means necessary; whether it is old technology, existing technology, or new technology.

A world where we focus on human needs and not become married to the next shiny new black box or ride the buzzword marketing train.

A world that scales at the N of 1.

That’s my Armageddon.

Delivering the N of 1.

As always you can feel free to email me at cancergeek@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @cancergeek You can read past issues of my weekly newsletter by clicking this link: newsletter and feel free to signup using the subscribe tab at the top.



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