I Wear My Roots

Today I finally received my Wear Your Roots America hat.

I know we are in the midst of turmoil between politics, healthcare, the rhetoric, the commentary, the media, with feelings of hate, disdain, and frustration on various levels.

I know there are a lot of upset people, that have plenty of reasons to be ticked off, and I empathize with their struggle, grief, and frustration.

At the same time, there is no other place in the world that I would want to call home.

A place where I have the ability to work may ass off, earn a living, and continue to love the gritty groundwork I do on a daily basis.

A place where I can hustle day in and day out and build the future of healthcare that I envision.

A place that allows me to build service lines, models, technology, and medical imaging equipment to deliver care at the N of 1.

A place where my roots run deep.

A place where I love to taste the dirt, feel the texture of different communities, and deeply listen to the whispers of patients, physicians, policymakers, payers and the pharmaceutical and industry members to design models of health and care that impact the lives of people as patients.

A world that allows me to implement the future today.

My roots are delivering care at the N of 1.

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