Most Interesting Things I Read This Week (26th week of 2017)

  1. Failsafe — American College of Radiology
  2. The novelist who inspired Elon Musk | 1843
  3. Amazonian Economics: What you need to know about the world’s most valued company
  4. The Bankers Destroyed Healthcare by Cancergeek
  5. How a text message can mean the difference between sickness and health
  6. Even With Insurance, Americans Can’t Afford Their Medical Bills — The Atlantic
  7. What My 90-Year-Old Mom Taught Me About The Future Of AI In Health Care | CommonHealth
  8. You Can Get Your Whole Genome Sequenced. But Should You?
  9. Redesigning Care — American College of Radiology
  10. The Heroism of Incremental Care
  11. Podcast: Radiology Firing Line
  12. Why US health care costs defy common sense (opinion)
  13. RADx Innovation Challenge cohort of May 15, 2017 — Venture Nashville
  14. Medication Reminders to Improve Outcomes After Myocardial Infarction | Acute Coronary Syndromes | JAMA Internal Medicine | The JAMA Network
  15. The Coming Tsunami of Health Innovation — Health Transformer
  16. Here’s How Warren Buffett Thinks We Should Fix American Health Care |
  17. A Reality Check for IBM’s AI Ambitions
  18. There May Be No Limits to How Long Humans Can Live
  19. Workflow is Key to Success for Value-Based Healthcare — Successful Health & Wellness Solutions
  20. The 5 Percent: The Super-Users and Health-Care Spending — The Atlantic

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  1. Thanks for including us!

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