Ideas: Good Or Bad



An idea is defined as a conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity.

I often hear people say things like: “I cannot think of any ideas. I cannot think of a good idea. I am sorry, but that sounds like a bad idea. All of the good ideas are already taken. There are no original ideas.”

I believe the above comments are bullshit.

It is an excuse to hide. It allows us to not take responsibility. It inhibits us from doing work that matters. It sabotages our ability to cause tension and provoke change. It affirms our bias to follow the crowd. That it is okay to mediocre. That making average things for the masses is success.

Everyone has ideas. Those ideas are not good or bad. They are just ideas.

What we choose to do with an idea makes it good or bad.

Many of us decide not to do anything with our ideas.

We fear that it may be bad, or that someone will not like it, or that we will get laughed at, or that we will fail. We focus to often on the “if” versus the “why” of the idea.

My idea for this post may not turn out. My idea to swear periodically on social media may not work. My idea to finish work and ship it may not always meet huge success. You may hate my idea.

So what?

At least I took an idea, made something tangible of the idea, shipped it into the world to be shared, and moved to the next idea.

I choose myself and take risks to make change happen.

Success is a measure of change at the N of 1.

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2 responses to “Ideas: Good Or Bad

  1. Love this IDEA! … and more importantly… what has become of it 🙂

  2. What to do with an idea? Ask if it is carrier or carried.

    If it is carrier, use it to implement an early adopters product visualization. Ask if the early adopter’s vertical has enough seats and dollars. Heed those results. Build the prduct vizualization with your idea under the hood.

    If it is carried, size the market for the idea from the late mainsreet market again in seats and dollars. Skip the early phases and lean into it. Get VC money and live well.

    Or write about the idea.

    But, if you don’t annouce it to the world and let other people in, that idea can die. Don’t get this idea disease that we have of late, the isolated idea, or the economies of scale imprisoned idea. Know that ideas come from other ideas either merging or running away from each other.

    Ideas drag populations with them.

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