The Value of Business Introductions


There is a difference in the value of introductions between doing business in China and in the US.

In China, there is a lot of time spent on building trust. It is important to establish a baseline of one’s credentials. Where did you go to school, how many degrees do you have, where have you worked, and what  brands have you been associated with in your previous work.

Now that I trust you, we can be friends. When we are friends, we can do business.

In the US, many times the exchange during an introduction is to demonstrate who is higher on the hierarchy food chain. I have done X to your Y therefore I rank at 1 and you are number 2. Other times we diminish the work of others because we either believe LinkedIn, Twitter, or other outlets can provide the context to ones work.

In the US we want to build leverage so we can generate the most bang for our buck in the business relationship.

The difference between sharing and being selfish is proportional to the level of trust one builds. If you do not have trust in a business relationship than you have a bigger problem.

Perhaps that is the key issue inside of healthcare: Trust

The people consuming care just don’t trust the people producing the care.

What happens if we take time to understand the context? What if we knew people at the N of 1?


I prefer making decisions at the N of 1.

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