Kill The Editor


On a daily basis we think, rethink, and second guess ourselves before we speak, make a choice, or decide to take on a new project. 

We have friends, family, and colleagues telling us all the reasons why we shouldn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t. 

We have media reinforcing the messages through tv, movies, print, advertisements. 

Don’t say this, don’t do that, if you leap here you will fail. 

All of the “banter” adds to our brains becoming an editor. 

We edit our creativity, our ingenuity, our art. 

We edit due to fear. 

The fear of being wrong, being ridiculed, people laughing at us, or not following the rules. 

We edit because it is safer to go along and be average rather than stand out and be noticed. 

Yet we all want to be successful. 

The only difference between those that experience success and those that do not is one thing: 


Follow the editor and be extra ordinary. 

Kill the editor and be extraordinary. 

I change healthcare at the N of 1. 



One response to “Kill The Editor

  1. I agree with the principle of being more open and honest in our communication and not being afraid to share ideas that might be ridiculed, put down, laughed at, etc. However, I think it’s a mistake to fully kill the editor. Many of the edits we make are important to ensure collaboration between people. Many times we edit something that wouldn’t have a material impact on the results and that can often be a good thing.

    So, I guess I’d say that editing out of fear is generally a mistake, but editing out of respect can be a very valuable thing and in some cases we may need more of it and not less.

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