What’s The Point???

Whats The Point

The man in the graphic is pointing out technology.

There was a time when it was important to point out technology.

Here is this big black box. It has fancy lights on it. It does something magical inside of it. Give me a lot of money, trust me that it works, and I will promise you that it will give you a business advantage.

There was a point in time when differentiation was solely based on technology.

There was a time when you had to list off all of the things that technology could do to make life simpler and easier.

Unfortunately that time no longer exists.

I am talking to you!

Those of you in the healthcare arena.

If you have to point out your technology you already lost.

What people and the patients they become want is technology that is embedded into our daily life. We want things to appear, pop up, and just be there when we need it. We do not want to have to think about how it works, how or when to use it, and we do not necessarily want to have an educational lesson on how or why your technology helps us.

It just needs to show up, when the time is right, and work.

It needs to help me on my terms, in my time of need, to help me understand why I feel this way and how I can get back to feeling “normal” as quickly as possible.

If your technology doesn’t disappear into the background then you already have lost.

Quit talking about the widget and telling me why it is great.

Start making a difference in my life, the lives of those in our communities, the lives of people as patients.

Make a difference at the N of 1.

Now that is something work talking about.

I would like to thank my friend Bill for the inspiration to write this post. (@WTBunting)

As always you can feel free to email me at cancergeek@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @cancergeek



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