Truth…Less Is More


Many people ask for the truth, but what they really are asking for is a watered down, kind, gentle, softer edged version of the truth. 

The version that makes hearing it less fearful and more hopeful. 

I’m done being surrounded by those that can’t speak their truth, or at a minimum, have enough respect and trust in me to tell me the truth about my own work. 

I may not have many friends, but I want to make sure those in my own trusted inner circle, provide constructive feedback to help me be my own best version of self. 

If not, that what is the point in showing up to change the status quo? 

Healthcare doesn’t need more “YES” people. Healthcare doesn’t need more mediocrity. Healthcare needs people willing to ask the tough questions, show up daily, do the work, and make art. 

I intend to continue making a change in healthcare at the N of 1. 

Patient by patient. 



2 responses to “Truth…Less Is More

  1. Since we’re doing personnel reviews in my organization right now, I’m in truth-telling mode. It literally does no good to sugar coat the truth. That said, the truth is important enough to consider delivery, motivation, and love when you are sharing it. I try to think about how the person receiving this information is going to be able to use it to make positive change or a realistic decision. We owe the people we love (co-workers, family, patients) honesty and we need to have enough compassion to tell the truth.

  2. One editorial suggestion! Rather than “If not, that what is the point in showing up to change the status quo? ” how about “Why be the status quo?”

    That alone is worth reflecting on…

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