Disciplines Are Disciplined

its jha

Earlier this morning my friend and radiologist Dr. Saurabh Jha (@RogueRad) tweeted the above comment.

It caused me to make the following comment:

“That would mean taking responsibility in a world that runs from being on the hook.”

The two most important departments in healthcare that produce words that impact the story of me are pathology and radiology.

Even though the physicians specializing in pathology and radiology are brilliant, both disciplines are disciplined in allowing the other “ologies” to own their words.

Yet they are their words.

Think of the transformational change that would happen if a radiologist did exactly what Dr. Jha recommends?

The problem is not that they can’t. The problem is that they may be on the hook for owning their words. For making a change. For taking a stance and acknowledging their expertise.

For making the choice to impact me, my care, at the N of 1.

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