Rules of Health #6

The #6 Rule of Health recommends that Radiologists and Pathologists need to start making connections with patients.

Rules Of Healthcare 6

As we move into the world of value based care, it is imperative that both radiologists and pathologists begin to own their story.

For years primary care physicians, internal medicine, and specialty physicians have “owned” the story and told the story of radiologists and pathologists to patients. This was done historically due to “fear” of losing referrals.

As we move into a “new world” where people as patients control more and more of their dollars spent inside of healthcare, the big miss for radiologists and pathologists may be that people do not see how important their work is to their overall care.

80% of what happens to a patient begins and end with radiology and pathology.

The more we connect with people the more value we can demonstrate to why our work matters to people as patients.

We deliver our stories and value at the N of 1.

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2 responses to “Rules of Health #6

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  2. Diagnosis of the big stuff usually comes via the skills–technical and communication skills–of the pathologists and radiologists. We already have studies showing that about 15% of patients do not get critical lab results, which may also not get to the doctor or are overlooked. New laws now grant patients the rights to see these studies, with or without the doctor reviewing them first. This right needs to be expanded to these pathology and radiology reports as well.

    And of course, patients should not have to ASK for these reports, but receive them in the manner they wish as soon as they are available. There are endless stories of radiologists finding that the rib being examined for a break is fine, but there is a lesion on a kidney or such. Too often the doctor will have focused on the rib and does not take note of the lesion.

    Medical care is increasingly complex, and the second set of very interested eyes may be the needed help. Certainly is a way of engaging the patient in his own care!

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