Rules of Healthcare #5

The #5 Rule of Healthcare reminds us to turn off all distractions when we are interacting with one another, especially a patient and their support system.

Rules Of Healthcare 5

Distractions. They are all around us. From cell phones, to email, to text messages, to vibrations on our wrists.

We live in a world filled with instant access. We have the ability to magically connect with people anywhere in the world, at any given time, and we have an expectation that they will respond instantaneously.

While this is the basis of the connection economy, it can also be a distraction.

A distraction from taking the time to sit down, look another person in the eyes, listen to understand, and to make a a dent in their universe in the moment.

A moment that may be routine to you or others on the healthcare team, but a moment that may be life altering, life threatening, or perhaps life changing. A moment that will live with your patient and their family for a lifetime.

Take the opportunity to ignore the rings, dings, pings, and other things and make moments with your patients.

Care happens at the N of 1.

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