Rules Of Healthcare #4

Healthcare Rule #4 says that you can only focus on one patient at a time.

Rules of Healthcare 4

We live in a lie that we have the ability to multitask.

The truth is that we cannot multitask.

We can batch; we can have multiple things going on in the background; we can be in the middle of one project and be interrupted to try and refocus on a question, but we do not have the ability to work on two things at once.

This is even more important when dealing with people. Especially people as patients.

We cannot treat two patients at once. We cannot listen to two patients at once. We can only care for one person at a time. The person looking at us in the eyes.

No matter the number of people waiting in the waiting room, no how backed up the schedule is, no matter the number of emergencies, we can only care for one patient at time.

So take the opportunity to connect. Look a patient in the eyes. Research has shown that 6 minutes of direct eye contact between a physician and a patient equates to a better outcome for the patient and a more fulfilling experience.

Again, we can only scale healthcare at the N of 1.

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