Healthcare Rules #3

Rules Of Healthcare 3

Healthcare Rules #1 and #2 remind us that all things begin and end with the patient.

Healthcare Rule #3 focuses on the relationship dynamic between the patient and the rest of the healthcare ecosystem. It reminds all of us that the patient is at the center, but that there are physicians and teams of allied healthcare professionals focused on the patient.

That focus begins with listening to understand. Once we take the time to understand, we can then build the trust to have an open, honest, and transparent conversation to set expectations in care. Once we understand and can articulate the expectations of the patient and share with the rest of the team, we can facilitate the transition of the patient through the rest of their healthcare journey.

Remember we are here to make connections.

Care is to be delivered at the N of 1.

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    • Not only this, but in addition, what is in it for the physicians, is that it builds brand loyalty. In a time of the connection economy, where value is defined by time and attention, cancer coaches help to build the ecosystem of the 4T’s: Time-Trust-Transparency-Transitions. Take the time to build the trust; Once trust is established it allows to have an open and transparent dialogue; In being transparent in our dialogue it allows us to manage the expectations for patients and facilitate the transitions along the patient journey. (I happen to have built a few cancer coach programs:)

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