The Patient Scene – A Cancergeek Monologue

Episode 4 The Patient Scene opens up with the realization that as people live with chornic diseases and try to live normal daily lives, that things happen, and prevents that from occurring.

Due to last minute mishaps Cancergeek shares a 20 minute monologue on his thoughts from the previous week specific to patient experience. Discussing topics such as the turn around time for people thinking that they may have cancer, to people being told that they are cancer patients and given their treatment recommendations.

In understanding that there was a community need on “time” specific to screening, workup, diagnosis, and treatment via ethnographic research we were able to frame the problems and then help to realize the right answers for each of the use cases.

As always, the research helped us to realize that spending enough TIME helps us to build TRUST with people in our communities. It is the trust that facilitates a TRANSPARENT conversation and in turn allows healthcare providers to manage the TRANSITIONS of care for people as patients.

Join us every Monday at 8pm CST for The Patient Scene with AJ Montpetit and myself.

As always you can feel free to email me at or follow me on Twitter @cancergeek



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