Risk Reduction Centers In China


One of the projects I am working on in China (in conjunction with building cancer centers) is the development of risk reduction centers.

What are risk reduction centers?

It is my bet to enable the change in caring for the sick to caring for people.

Think of them as community centers with out reach technology. A place in which a person can go and speak with a health professional. During the conversation and visit we are able to assess the current lifestyle of the person and their family.

We can take the time to understand their goals for daily living. We can understand their fears; whether it be cancer, TB, having to access care once they are sick, or even death on the job, as well as other critical factors.

We then develop a personalized set of actions that combines variety from both Chinese and Western cultures to deliver a risk reduction plan. (I do not use prevention since there are very few things in life we can prevent)

This set of actions also includes a sherpa. The sherpa can take many forms from paper, to sms messaging, to telemedicine and smartphones, to a face to face meeting within the home or at a center.

The genius in the care model is that it is subscription based. You pay a monthly fee to have the service provided.

The guarantee is that if we do not reduce your risk in that month, you get your money back. You get sick, you get a diagnosis, you have an imaging exam, whatever….you get your money back.

This is my bet to enable change from caring for the sick, to caring for people. Enabling people to live long and healthy lives.

Yes, I have pitched this in the US, but since it upends our current model, everyone runs scared. So I ran to China. If you want to run with me, tweet me.

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek



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