Ignore The Banter…Grey Factor


Many times in my life I have been told I am too young, too inexperienced, too little “grey factor” or too little time working professionally.

I have been told by many people that my ideas are a bit too crazy.

Somehow in the midst of all those conversations I have always remained true to my inner voice. That it is okay to see things differently, to be open, and to see life as full of infinite possibilities.

Perhaps I was able to identify, articulate, and believe in my personal story before most of my counterparts. Perhaps I was working towards my personal story all of this time, and others didn’t see beyond the moment. Perhaps people told me I was crazy because I was following what I knew to be my personal story, where as others were choosing to live by the rules.


All I know is that I am filled with love and happiness because I know the purpose of my life. I am here to change the status quo, to provide a voice to important topics, and to bring empathy back to humanity. In doing so, I make small positive impacts in my part of the world.

To me, it’s all about Ignoring The Banter….



3 responses to “Ignore The Banter…Grey Factor

  1. Visionary perspectives are disruptive and people generally don’t like disruption. They need a static context to place an idea. A novel idea is befuddling for most. Stay with your soul. Empathy is humanity. And goodness knows we need our humanity perhaps even more than we “need” our technology.

  2. Have a good Sunday!

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