Instead–>HIMSS16 And Healthcare

This morning I was reading Seth Godin’s post as I do most morning. Today’s thought was on the topic of trade offs. (Instead by Seth

It is a question I often ask in my day job. Why are we still being reactive in a world that is connected? Why do we spend $800k asking “experts” to give us recommendations on shit we should already know because it’s our job? Why do we focus on the short term quarter versus designing things that really solve problems in healthcare? 

I often ask myself the same question. What happens if I do this instead of that? My answers used to be filled with the banter of fear. 

One day Seth reminded me that my voice matters. That’s when I decided to do all the things that force me to dance with the fear. It turns out that it never was fear at all, just 💖 waiting in the wings. 

If we want the world to change, it begins with each of us choosing to do that instead of this. 

As I approach HIMSS this week I remind myself of this very question. 

If healthcare decided to design a CDS tool versus a digital copy of paper records, where would we be today? If the US said people are responsible for their medical records would there be an interoperability issue? If we paid based on the number of months we remain healthy versus when we are sick or hurt, how would healthcare look today? 

I encourage everyone going to HIMSS to ask yourself what would happen if I focused on that, instead of this…and then take an action towards making a change. 

Changing healthcare begins with me, you, her, him, and us. It’s the choice to focus on something different that provides impact. 

Change begins at the N of 1 and scales as more of us choose 💖 instead of fear. 

I hope to see you at HIMSS16. 

As always feel free to email me directly at



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