3R’s: Adoption Obstacles In Healthcare

3R's To Change

Last night I had the privilege to join the #HCLDR dialogue. The topic was on one of my favorites, “Obstacles To Innovation In Healthcare.” I have to once again commend the work by Colin Hung (@Colin_Hung) and the 2 guest moderators Bill Bunting (@WTBunting) and Cari McLean (@carimclean) for such a wonderful discussion and rich topic.

In my experience of the US Healthcare system there are 3 things that enable and/or reduce the medical industrial complex’s ability to adopt innovation. I like to call them the 3R’s:

  1. Reimbursement
  2. Regulatory
  3. Research-clinical/medical evidence

Reimbursement: if the money doesn’t flow from doing the work, then few will give the innovtion a second look. When we leverage dollars as a penalty, adoption occurs, but its effectiveness is questionable.

Regulatory: when the FDA, Joint Commission, Nuclear Regulatory Commission or some other entity places a rule-law-compliance-regulation that makes something mandatory, then it forces healthcare to adopt. Again, many times this is also tied back to financial incentives.

Research-clinical/medical evidence: the other way to motivate physicians and others inside of healthcare to adopt a new innovation is when the literature supports it. If one can show the innovation is better and more effective and impacts a patient outcome then more clinicians are willing to make the change.

While this is the reality, it disappoints me.

The definition of innovation is a new method, a new idea, or a new product.

When did our culture of healthcare move from experimentation and exploring new frontiers to one that is all about following the rules?

Congratulations to those that are willing to challenge the status quo, ask questions, and willing to embrace new methods in healthcare without the promise of more dollars, following the rules, or medical evidence.

There are enough people focusing on scaling mediocrity and wanting to be average.

I am excited on continuing to find new ways of impacting healthcare;

Challenging healthcare one patient at a time to scale at a N of 1.

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