Show Up; Do The Work

Show up consistently

There is a lesson to be learned with Ted Cruz beating Donald Trump in the Iowa Caucus.

Ted decided to show up to the Republican debate and do the work. He knew he was behind, it knew it was a bet, he knew it was going to be difficult. Yet Ted decided to put on his suit and tie, attend the debate, and address the questions as best as most politicians.

Donald decided that he was above the debate. He decided not to show up, to do different work, and to show the Iowa Republicans that he didn’t care about doing the work.

Both Ted and Donald want to lead the Republican tribe. One decided to show up to be front and center of the tribe; one decided to go in front of a different tribe and expected to lead both, and failed.

Same goes for healthcare.

If you want to lead healthcare you need to show up and do the work.

The problem is the vast majority are showing up in front of the same healthcare tribe: physicians, payers, and the politicians.

Lest we remember the balance is shifting from an industrial healthcare complex to disseminated choice at the N of 1.

I decided to show up to the ultimate end user, people as patients.

This is where the magic is happening, and where the innovation in healthcare resides.

Show up. Do the work. Don’t forget the tribe.

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