The $2 Childhood Obesity Menu

Burger Irony

I was driving home last night when I saw this along the highway.

McDonald’s is advertising 2 for $2.

United Way is highlighting their collaboration with the Green Bay Packers, the NFL Play 60, and that childhood obesity is going down due to the effort.

Each story is clear in the message and target.

Combining the 2 advertisements, the story says something entirely different:

We are dropping the price on expanding childhood obesity.

I am sure the billboard company is happy because they sold 2 billboards.

I am sure that McDonald’s and The United Way are happy because their messaging is getting out to the public and hopefully increasing sales, donations, and good will.

Yet when I drive all I do is laugh because no one took the time and effort to think about the placement of each ad.

Someone just followed a process. They followed directions, did their job, and were rewarded with another weeks worth of pay.

They chose the safe route.

What if the person selling the ads took the extra time to think about where to place them and to see how to best compliment the ads? Would they delight their customers? Would they delight their customers customer?

Sometimes it takes effort to create magic, yet magic is what we all seek.

If you feel like creating some magic,  feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek

If you want to change the status quo, connect with our network at and lets #GSD



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