#BeTheFifthHammer Challenge The Status Quo of Healthcare


Living inside the world of healthcare means being faced with regulatory issues, caring for the lives of people, and a research driven industry. Whether it is inside a hospital, a clinic, a medical technology company, or a professional medical society one often hears the following phrases: this is the way it has always been done, this is the way we do things here, this is the best practice, or according to research.

This is for good reason, lives are at stake. Yet this line of thinking and action tends to create mediocrity in healthcare. A mediocrity that we tend to scale broadly only to become more average in caring for people.

Today, due to incentives, and more importantly, potential penalties, healthcare leaders are focusing on the topic of “patient experience.” Many healthcare leaders look to service industries such as Hotels and Spa’s to borrow their best practices and apply them to healthcare.

Healthcare defines “experience” as the tangible attribute and tends to omit the human. Many believe that patient loyalty can be won with plush robes, leather chairs, the right color paint, some well placed windows, and valet parking.

The tangibles.

I believe this is entirely incorrect.

Patients are not limited to being experts in their own diagnosis. Many patients are engineers, programmers, physicists, marketers, and designers; All skills needed to improve healthcare. ​

So I created the My Ideal Patient Experience Network.

We are a network of patient experts and healthcare insiders from around the world. We focus on defining the problems from the end users perspective, being obsessive about empathy, delivering creative insights, and co-creating the ideal patient experience for healthcare organizations.

When one takes the time to understand problems through the lens of the end user, and solve for that challenge, magic happens. Stakeholders focus on doing the work that matters, clinical and administrative workflows align, and the incentives are maximized.

Patients want the 4T’s: Time–Trust–Transparency–Transitions

Patients want to connect with their healthcare team. Healthcare providers want to impact the lives of patients.

Together we can do the work that matters.
To me, bravery means challenging the status quo.

I am here to change the status quo, one patient at a time, and scaling change by the N of 1.


As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek

If you want to change the status quo, connect with our network at http://myidealptexp.com and lets #GSD



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