Patients Are More Than A Diagnosis

Healthcare needs patient expertise. Patients are the engineers, coders, marketers, and designers needed to solve our biggest challenges.

This is a simple reminder to healthcare leaders, practitioners, policy makers, and medical technology companies.

Yes, healthcare helps patients when we are most vulnerable. When we are sick, when there is something wrong, and when we need medical expertise to help return us to our normal daily lives.

However, I encourage to remind healthcare leaders, practitioners, policy makers, and the medical technology companies that patients are also people. People that have expertise not limited to the ICD-10 of the day or their pathology report.

Many patients spend their day as engineers, programmers, physicists, marketers, designers, and other highly skilled professionals. The advantage is theirs.

Many of the above patients already empathize with the struggles of having enough time with healthcare providers, understanding the language, having transparent conversations, and managing the transitions in their own care.

That is the beauty in the work we do at the My Ideal Patient Experience Agency.

We co-create in a collaborative manner to extract the information from healthcare insiders in their daily work, add the expertise of patients, and design a project  to identify, prioritize, and develop the ideal patient experience.

Together, we do the work matters.

~Andy DeLaO (aka @cancergeek)

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