Did You Check The Box?


Did you check the box?

Did you do the work?

Often we are part of a process or asked to do something and we send back communication to say, “Yes we did it.”

In large organizations there is a process in place, but once it is changed, no one goes back to update the process. Then we are asked to produce work that is no longer relevant.

Work that doesn’t add value to the organization. Work that doesn’t correlate to the change in the business. Work that needs to be performed in order to check the box that it was completed so we can move to the next step in the process.

Time that could be spent doing things that matter. Listening to customers or generating products that meet the needs of your customers.

Checking the box makes us feel safe. Choosing to do work that matters may not check the box, so it builds fear.

The next time someone sends a request to make sure the work has been done, ask yourself…..

Did I check the box, or did I do work that matters?

I choose to do the work that matters.

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