Betting On The Radiology Summary

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 1.59.00 PMLast night I had the privilege of meeting up with my friend and colleague, Mike (@uscaspecialist) in Chicago. As we often do, we discussed how to solve all things healthcare related over a few “nutritionally deprived beverages.”

One of the topics we tackled was how to deliver more value to patients in Radiology.

Mike had some very good points:

  • Radiologists are being employed by hospitals
  • Radiologists are being subjected to bait and switch (we guarantee your salary for the first few years, then you are moved to a production model)
  • Radiologists are being undervalued by other physicians at times by not waiting for the final reports before discussing results with patients
  • Reimbursements are declining, so to stay even Radiologists have to continue to do more

All great points. Which Mike followed up with:

“How do you think Radiologists have time to meet with patients, talk with patients, and do more patient focused work that take away from allowing them to do more work?”

My response was the above “Radiology Summary” drawn out on a very wet and damp napkin. [I have improved it for the purpose of this post and taken some creative freedom to add to it, thank you Harry @RogueRad]

I agree that there is tremendous pressure to do more with less. It is the consequence of working in an Industrialized Healthcare System. We are valued for being cogs in the system to do more of the same and scale mediocrity.

Yet, as I think of the New World Order of high deductible insurance plans, patients begin to have more direction over when and where they decide to spend their time. (and dollars)

If a Radiologist or a Radiology group provided a simple summary to patients that personalized the care, would patients reward Radiologists with their time and attention?

I bet yes.

If you are a betting Radiologist, then please feel free to steal the above idea and let me know when you win.

Better yet, if you are a patient, let me know when you hit the jackpot and find that lucky Radiologist that personalized your imaging exam.

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek



One response to “Betting On The Radiology Summary

  1. As a patient, I love the notion that I could get my imaging done, hear from both my ‘care team’ and the radiologist on the same day, and upon hearing the results, either breathe again or take a new, deep breath! It would be invaluable for the report and images to go directly to both patients and physicians, whether with good news or bad. In the case of the latter, that assures that the patient has that data, and can prepare for the coming appointment, often days/weeks after the imaging. The patient will read ALL of the report, which does not always happen with all doctors.

    The goal is ideal, and long overdue. A percentage of patients who have unexpected problems found via screening often do not get that information, as the anticipated issue is the first concern of the doctor. Having had 25 or so CT scans, I have learned to use the same imaging center, and have been pleased to see that one individual usually read my scans, which added to the reliability of the reading. Shifting by necessity to a new imaging center was a disaster, as the request to compare with previous scans was ignored. That report was “suspicious for.” all over the place, as there was no comparison of stable spots.

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