When Do You Want To Learn About Contrast Use In Radiology Exams?

I have been playing with the poll feature in Twitter as of late.

Today’s question was specific to the use of contrast media in Radiology. (contrast is an agent that highlights anatomy on an imaging exam)

Here is the link to the poll, go vote:

I wanted to understand when patients are the most open to being informed about contrast media.

Is it when an imaging exam is ordered? (which may imply that it is being done by a physician, nurse, both being a non-radiologist)

Or is it preferred to be instructed immediately prior to the exam? (usually done by a radiology technologist, while patient is in the room, and right before they are stuck with a needle or given something delightful to drink)

Of course, since I am limited to 140 characters, there may be some additional thoughts you may want to share with this poll and topic.

If so, please comment and use the hashtag #MyIdealPtExp so I can collect your thoughts in addition to your votes with the poll.

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek



One response to “When Do You Want To Learn About Contrast Use In Radiology Exams?

  1. How about all of the above? 🙂

    Seriously, the number of things a patient needs to keep track of make repetition a good thing, especially for those of us 50+

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