Making Lung Cancer Awareness Tangible

There was a recent article published on entitled: “Why We Need To Pay Attention To Lung Cancer” authored by Dr. Gerard Silvestri.

My take away from the article is how do we move from social media to the real world? How do we make the intangible tangible?

Social media is full of early adopters. The question becomes how do you translate movements from social media and make them meaningful to the communities that are most in need of the messages, stories, education, and the “movement(s)” off line?

In my experience, it is about developing a story that is simple to understand, is emotional, and is shared where people are located, and in the language/format that the specific community currently uses.

I recalled a brilliant piece of work developed by Dave Werner. (@okaysamurai) The specific project I am referring to is entitled Reflect/Respect. (his original website is located here)

I spoke to Dave in 2006 to use his concept in one of my cancer centers.

I have reached out to Dave and asked if I would be able to use his concept once more. Dave graciously gave me his blessing.

I envision the same mirror concept, set in a public setting, such as a mall, coffee shop, or maybe even the local Walgreen’s, CVS, Walmart. Perhaps a single mirror in the bathroom of bars, casinos, and barbershops.

Some mirror pieces may be large in scale, some may be reduced to a single mirror or two, based on location.

As one looks into the mirror, one would see their own image, information on lung cancer screening, risk factors, incidence, and where to go locally for a lung cancer screen. Leveraging iBeacon, location settings,  a QR Code, Bar Code, or other smart phone applications it would allow a person to make an appointment or have someone contact them for additional information. (patient choice)

I propose that there is one “mirror” that allows one to touch it, print off the information to take with them, or to send it to their smart phone, Facebook, email, or home address. (patient choice of the format they prefer)

This magic mirror would also allow one to locate the nearest location for lung screening and allow one to schedule the appointment as they stand in front of the mirror.

I even suggest that maybe we create a hashtag to coincide with this social object. (social object is a term that I am borrowing from Hugh MacLeod @gapingvoid)

I propose to Hugh MacLeod (@hughcartoons) and his team that if the “magic mirror” is not funded for development (which I have been seeking for 6 months) that his team develops the same social object out of his creative work.

Please feel free to leave feedback on whether or not you think this is a good idea. Do you support it? Do you think it will help to spread the importance and the message? Do you think it will increase the number of people that will actually get screened for lung cancer? Is it simple and easy enough to use?

Is this the right story to help impact people at risk for lung cancer?

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek



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