There Is No More Mass

Mass There Is No More

Mass. Quantity. Bulk. Expanse. Number.

The question I most often hear in speaking with healthcare leaders and professionals is:

How do we scale?

The truth is that there is no more mass in today’s world.

Don’t believe me?

Go to your next meeting and ask someone if they have watched Mad Men.

I am willing to bet that almost anyone you ask you will respond that they have watched Mad Men.

Fact: only 1% of the U.S. population watched Mad Men.

Why? There is no longer only 12 TV channels. As a matter of fact there is no longer 150 channels. With Netflix and YouTube there is an infinite amount of channels, programs, and personalities to choose to view at any given time.

The same is true in healthcare.

With the advance of the digital age patients now have mHealth, Telehealth, TeleMedicine to compliment their choice of physicians, clinics, and hospitals.

Patients are no longer bound by their ability to travel from one place to another. The new boundary is only limited by the speed of their broadband connection or signal of the cell tower.

Healthcare needs to stop trying to boil the ocean.

Healthcare needs to solve for how do we make sure everyone can access the ocean.

Stop scaling mediocrity.

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2 responses to “There Is No More Mass

  1. Great perspective. Reminded me of the post I wrote today about the proliferation of mobile health apps and how do we filter through all the clutter: Same issue!

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