The 4T’s Of Healthcare: Time, Trust, Transparency, & Transitions

Please feel free to provide feedback.

I want to know if the video provides you “value” or if the preference is on the written word.

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4 responses to “The 4T’s Of Healthcare: Time, Trust, Transparency, & Transitions

  1. Dear Andy,

    Great job. I think it was very effective to use this format. I think especially when you have covered a topic already in written form , you can continue to use a second kind of media. All kind of learners in the world, so utilizing a new format to get more people fully understanding your message is key to really getting your message out to the larger audience you really want to impact.

    I found you to be easy to understand, clear and concise, and the information flowed in a way that made it very easy to understand the important message. I listened as if I were at an appointment with my mom and plugged each of the t’s into her appointment times with her main oncologist. Afterward I thought of other providers I’ve had and she has had. Your “vlog” made it easy for me to think through the appointments the didn’t go so well and which T wasn’t fully being used or used in a way that wasn’t really effective. It will allow me to ask better questions at the end of an appointment or pinpoint the problems if asked to fill out a questionnaire on the patient’s time spent with the caregiver. Each T is equally crucial to #ptexp, however, I do find myself frequently wondering or feeling uncertain during the transition stage on how that is going to happen and how to Touch base with the current healthcare provider or perhaps the next healthcare team member involved in the transition.

    Well done. I think it’s a great idea, like I said it appeals to different learning styles which is important to remember.

    Thanks for the tools you’re effectively passing on to so many different players involved in developing the optimal #ptexp !

    Respectfully, Sarah Ostlund

    enJOY the day! 😊 GO HAWKS GO!💛🏈💛 Sarah Ostlund 515.835.7839 1020 Water Steet Webster City, IA 50595


  2. this is a really great vlog! Many excellent points. Hits the nail right on the head for everyone 🙂

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