Authentic Listening: Leader Or Follower?

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Last evening I participated in the #HCLDR tweet chat on the topic of Authentic Listening In Healthcare.  

As always everyone had wonderful insights, thoughts, and opinions on the topic.

For me personally, it offered a great opportunity to listen to patients, physicians, administrators, and other leaders inside of healthcare. It allowed me to understand various stakeholder perspectives, some of their challenges, and how many view the topic of “authentic listening” in healthcare.

From my perspective, I have a few specific thoughts.

  1. Active listening (“authentic listening”) should be an outcome that healthcare uses to measure success
  2. Active listening requires entering a conversation without any preconceived ideas (courtesy of @erinhead_him)
  3. Active listening is directly proportionate to the 4T’s (Time, Trust, Transparency, Transitions)
  4. Listening is a form of observation; Observation is key to scientific discovery (courtesy of @emarianomd)
  5. Outside of healthcare we use technology to simplify our ability to connect with other people; inside of healthcare it creates barriers to connecting
  6. The U.S. Healthcare System incentives physicians and other members of the care team to work to the bottom of their license rather than the top
  7. The U.S. Healthcare System incentives professionals to make choices and to act like a technician

Finally, I understand that we all have a necessity to make money in order to live, provide for our families, place food on the table, and keep a roof over our heads.

However, each of us has a choice to make each time we are in front of a patient. Do we want to connect? Or don’t we?

Do we want to stop to listen, understand, and take the opportunity to create something meaningful between ourselves and the patient?

Or do we choose to become slaves to the mediocrity of reimbursement, productivity, and data entry?

Do we choose to be leaders and connect? Or do we choose to be be followers?

I choose to be a leader. I choose to connect.

I choose to change the game.

I choose to deliver a My Ideal Patient Experience. (#MyIdealPtExp)

What do you choose?

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek



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