Healthcare Innovation Requires Change

Change Your Mind-4

Innovation is a new idea, a new device, or a new method. (definition) It can be something that is completely new to the world. Innovation can also be taking ordinary items, arranging and connecting them in new ways, to achieve a new ending.

Pick up any magazine, book, news article, professional journal, or industry publication and you can easily find several articles on “innovation.”

Healthcare specifically talks about innovation non stop. From EMR to Watson Health and decision support to non-invasive surgical procedures or the next fitness tracker, app, and telehealth.

The reality is that in order for innovation to happen it requires change.

Change is the one constant in life. It is also the one thing most humans resist.

Yet change is the point.

Healthcare tomorrow should not resemble healthcare today.

People today do not walk, talk, act, or connect like people did in the 70’s, nor did people in the 70’s act like people living in the 1800’s.

People changed. People may resist change, yet change is what moves us forward.

If we want to innovate in healthcare, it all begins with change.

We first must change our own prejudices to imagine a new tomorrow. A tomorrow not constrained by our boundaries of today.

Changing myself allows me to listen and help others to accept their own change. When we are all open to change, innovation happens.

Innovation in healthcare begins and end with patients. I am a patient. You are a patient.

Change. Innovate. Repeat.

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