Healthcare Needs To K.I.S.S. More

Keep It SimpleStupid

The world of healthcare is complex, unorganized, disorientating, and confusing. There is an acceptance of infrequent communication. There is an expectation that technology will solve all of our problems.

Administrators and clinicians enjoy using big words with little meaning to disguise their own confusion as they work to define many of the healthcare challenges.

As healthcare systems continue to merge, acquire, and consolidate more hospitals, clinics, and physicians into mega networks the complexity in healthcare grows exponentially.

Healthcare leaders often jump to technology in hopes of improving the complexity only to realize after implementation that it only increases the space between patient and provider.

When patients take a step outside of healthcare and are “people” in their daily lives, technology allows them to connect more, do less, and makes life simple.

Yet as soon as “people” step out of their daily lives and walk back into healthcare, they are quickly reminded that they are once again a patient.


Technology in healthcare forces people to connect less, do more, and make life more complex.

Healthcare needs to K.I.S.S. more. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

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