Healthcare Change Is Slow, Methodical, Exhausting

change the world

Last night I was in the #Bioethx chat. The topic was Preventative Medicine, Health, Lifestyle, and Access.

One of the big “aha” moments for me is that many of us in healthcare tend to focus on the big sexy topics like precision medicine, big data, quality, and patient experience.

When it comes to topics such as lifestyle, health, preventative (risk reduction) medicine and how populations at a social or economic disadvantage access those programs and information we lack focus.

Yet the biggest way for any of us to make an impact is by focusing on those very topics, those communities, and those challenges.

It may not be as sexy, but it offers the most impact to an individuals life.

Everyday we change the world but change the world in a way that means anything, that takes more time than most people have. It never happens all at once. It’s slow, methodical, it’s exhausting.

~Elliott (Mr. Robot)

Each of us as healthcare leaders are responsible for increasing health literacy, improving access to health and wellness, and for expanding our care for the communities we serve beyond the walls of a hospital or clinic.

Think global, act local.

Change begins with me, then you, then the globe.

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One response to “Healthcare Change Is Slow, Methodical, Exhausting

  1. Hi Andy — Welcome to public health! Our focus is on prevention and access to care for all recognizing that the social economic determinants of health have the biggest potential impact on illness, health and wellness. Doctors that can prescribe lawyers to force landlords to clean up the mold in disadvantaged housing situations have a greater impact on ER asthma admissions than those that prescribe meds …. IMO, ACO and Patient Centered Homes need to have social services as one of the core functions/stakeholders.
    Good post.

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