Healthcare, Teflon, and Leadership


Teflon is defined as a trademarked fluorocarbon polymer with slippery, non-sticking properties; polytetrafluoroethylene.

In our professional careers we have all met this person. The manager, director, physician, nurse, or executive that no matter how many negative situations arise, they never step up and take responsibility.

The project that fails, the investment that loses money, or the patient that you upset and forget to incorporate into the decision making of care are all instances of Teflon moments.

Being a leader at times means taking ownership for problems, situations, and projects that fail. A person that can assess disaster and course correct in the midst of peril is far more valuable than one that allows others to continue to fail.

Leading through positive moments is like driving with cruise control. Just set the speed and continue to let people do their work.

Leading during adversity is the difference between knowing when to veer left, turn right, stop and ask for directions, or change your mode of transportation.

Don’t be Teflon.

Make a choice. Let it stick. Own it.

Be a leader.

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