Tom’s and Warby Parker For Healthcare

This evening I had the privilege of participating in the #HCLDR chat. This evening’s topic was entitled: Shifting The Paradigm: Retail Clinics & Urgent Care Centers.

In the midst of the conversation I had a moment of inspiration.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 9.44.33 PM

Why doesn’t healthcare, especially in the retail clinic space, develop a model that resembles Warby Parker or Toms Shoes?

Warby Parker

The Warby Parker model is all about taking the total number of sales in a month, then working with their non-profit partners globally to train and educate women and men in developing parts of the globe to perform basic eye exams and to sell glasses.

Warby’s premise is that donating is a temporary solution. When you train, educate, and transfer a skill or trade to others that it becomes a more lasting and impactful change.


Tom’s is a slightly different approach. Tom’s does a one for one match. For every product you purchase from Tom’s, whether it is shoes or other products, they work with their “Giving Partners” globally to donate shoes to those in need, but to also invest in manufacturing, healthcare, social enterprise, and many other endeavors to improve lives globally.

I am well aware of healthcare organizations that have a global footprint trying to improve the lives of communities globally. From cancer to blood centers to maternal-fetal health.

I also think there is a huge opportunity locally, within the United States, to perform the same type of impact to our communities.

There are plenty of disadvantaged or barrier impaired people residing within the U.S.

Perhaps each time a person goes to a retail clinic and pays to have a vaccination, a flu shot, or to be checked for a cold or flu that the same kind of care can be offered in the community.

In working with local church groups, senior centers, boys and girls club, shelters, and other community resources we would be able to educate, promote, and enable people within communities that do not have the same knowledge, access, and choice.

In collaborating with those communities and delivering needed care we would be able to improve lives but maybe also impact the cost curve in the U.S. Healthcare market.

Maybe together we can all make a better world, locally and globally.

I am willing to work, partner, and collaborate with communities and healthcare leaders that may be interested in this model…..are you?

Please comment and add to the conversation with the hashtag: #MyIdealPtExp

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek


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