5 Ask’s For Bioethics #BlackLightYourWhiteCoat

black light party

What does a group of people standing at Cochella under a black light have to do with healthcare?

This evening I had the privilege to join the #bioethx discussion. Tonight’s topic was all about Professional Dress and Healthcare.

The first question simply asked, “Ditch the white coat or keep it?”

white coat

In the midst of the conversation I had made a comment about taking a black light to a white lab coat. (I had done this years ago when I was working in the clinic to show how filthy lab coats were after a day)


Then medical student Jennifer Chevinksy (@jchevinsky) made the recommendation, “We should start a #hashtag and have healthcare professionals take a picture of their white lab coats under a black light and post to Twitter and Instagram.”

So, here is the ask of everyone in healthcare:

1. Use the hashtag: #BlackLightYourWhiteCoat

2. Using a blacklight, take a picture of your white lab coat

3. Upload to Twitter and Instagram using the #BlackLightYourWhiteCoat

4. Spread the word to your colleagues

5. Wash that white lab coat, or better yet, throw it out.

If you are a patient, next time you see your physician, ask them to take a picture of their white lab coat under a black light so you can post it for them;)

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek



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