Ignore The Banter: Choose Yourself


Many times we find ourselves waiting to be picked.

It could be for a sports team, or a party, or to be the maid of honor, or to lead a group project, or to be told a secret, or to represent your practice at a medical conference, or to have your paper published in a journal.

Many times we find ourselves in a que, waiting for someone else to pick us.

We go out of our way to show our value and worth to others in hopes that they will pick us.

Why not choose yourself?

When you decide to choose yourself, you are free to focus your efforts on the work that you enjoy. The work that provides meaning to you. The passion projects.

Instead of wasting time and energy trying to have others pick you, choose yourself.

Choosing yourself allows you to skip the line, lead the group, and do what matters most:

Doing the work you love.

As always, you can email me directly at cancergeek@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @cancergeek



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