The Luggage of Patient Experience


We have all been there. That moment standing at the luggage carousel at the airport. Waiting for your luggage to drop so it can begin its slow journey enroute on the conveyor belt towards its rightful owner. 

As you look into the vast sea of black luggage, you try and find that one thing that makes your bag stand out from the rest. 

At some point, someone shared a travel tip (best practice) to tie a bright ribbon around the handle to help identify it. 

As you stand and look for your black suitcase with a red ribbon you notice that there are several other bags that are black and have a red ribbon. 

How does this relate to patients, experience, and healthcare? 


In a world of choice, as more ‘best practices’ are shared amongst healthcare organizations, the experience a patient will encounter becomes a sea of sameness. 

Patient experience is NOT about decreasing variability, cost out, and share of wallet for healthcare dollars. 

Patient experience is NOT an annual week long celebration. 

Patient experience is NOT owned by one person in the C-Suite. 

Patient experience is individual. It is about meeting a persons needs at the right time with the right people with the best answers according to the patients expectations. 

Patient experience is as specific as the right piece of luggage. 

All the luggage looks the same; knowing that when you get your luggage home that it has your clothes and toiletries is what means the most. 

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