The 4P’s Of Healthcare


Warning: If you are a patient, a healthcare professional, a marketing professional, or a fellow social media enthusiast, this is not another post about Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion.

This is my take on the 4P’s and how they relate to all topics of healthcare.

The 4P’s of Healthcare: Patient, Physician, Payer, and Politician

Patient: Everything we do in healthcare on a daily basis needs to begin and end with the patient in mind. The work we do on a daily basis needs to impact the patient. Directly, not indirectly. As we identify challenges to focus on we need to define them from the patients perspective. Beginning with the patient in mind, we can then draw from our teams, our expertise, and pick the best answer(s) that will meet the needs of the patient, and the others stakeholders. (4P’s)

Physician: Physicians are responsible for so many aspects in healthcare, and many times we forget to include them in the defining and decision process. It is imperative to ensure that as we prioritize challenges, define them from the patients perspective, we need to include the physician and their perspective into this definition as well. Physicians want the same things as the patients, the right diagnosis, at the right time, for the right patient, leading to an open conversation on options, to allow the patient to understand and select the best treatment, and lead to the best possible outcomes. In sharing the information with physicians, we can also incorporate their inputs to help generate the best possible outputs for the entire team.

Payers: A majority of the time decisions are made on a top down basis. A payer decides that they are going to reimburse for a specific test, exam, or a intervention and then healthcare adopts and changes their practice accordingly. Payer reimburses, change happens. Yet the more we include payer(s) in the midst of identifying problems, how we define those problems, and share our opportunities to design an improved option to meet our patients needs leading to better outcome, we can begin to develop new payment models.

Politicians: Whether this group is politicians, government, or regulatory bodies, we need to ensure that we are aware of new rules and regulations coming out, as well as approach them early and often on new opportunities to change models in healthcare.

Most of the time when we struggle or encounter barriers, it is because we forget to tell the story with these 4 world views in mind.

When we approach topics in healthcare we need to keep the 4P’s in mind. Always be able to draw a straight line from the work you are doing to the patient. Be able to articulate your story in the “native tongue” of the physician/providers, payers, and politicians to ensure their understanding and inclusion. Share early and often. Iterate and learn.

Implement with the 4P’s as a team, and we all succeed.

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