What’s Your Most Defining Moment?


Yesterday I was in a meeting and my new “boss” asked all of us the following question: “What is the most defining moment in your life?”

I only had a few moments to ponder the question and think of a response. So I went with my gut.

My most defining moment in life was being born. Not just coming into the world, but coming in to this very specific time, place, and to my specific parents.

My father instilled in me the following:

1. You can do anything you want to, you just have to believe it

2. On any given day someone may beat you, but that doesn’t mean they are better than you, it just means you need to do better

3. Likewise, I am not any better than anyone else

4. Make the most of chances and opportunities. If the door opens slightly, it is on you to kick it open and enter

5. Do you want to be the person on the outside looking in, or the person on the inside looking out

Which led me to share the above insight with the team.

The advice above allowed me to embrace healthcare and cancer enveloping my life. It allowed me to see opportunities to learn and show what I can do in situations way beyond my own training and experience.

The conclusion I came to at that very moment, is other than being born, or losing my father, I do not have a defining moment.

I do not want a singular moment to define me.

I want many small little moments to add up to shaping my life, and upon my own exit, that it left a dent in the universe. That my life, my interactions, my connections with people, and the impact I produced, allowed the experience of others to be a little more pleasant.

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One response to “What’s Your Most Defining Moment?

  1. Glad to hear that you also had no one single defining moment. Asking a question like that is fascinating, as should be the answers. Life is ever-changing and the decisions we make along the way, always based in some way to those previous decisions, is what makes us unique.

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