Ahem, Ahem, Diagnosis Is King


Scenario: 65 year old woman wakes up with deep cough. She also experiences aches, chills, and pains. She calls physicians office and they have her come in to be seen.

Woman sees physician later that afternoon. Upon examination, all other history and physical are normal, just that her above symptoms persist.

They do not do any test or lab work.

Patient told to go home and if symptoms persist, call back in 2 days.

Two days later, Friday, patient calls doctors office to say that her symptoms have gotten worse. Cough is more pronounced, chills are more frequent. Nurse informs patient that there is a “bug” going around and not to come in to the office.

Patient is prescribed Z-pak.

Again….diagnosis is king.

If there was never an intention to test for any other potential “diagnosis” then why wait?

The outcome doesn’t change.

The experience for the patient could be improved.

A patient spends an additional 2 days going without medication, suffering from symptoms, and potentially not following up (in this case the patient is a nurse so she followed up).

Other patients may end up going to the Emergency Room. Or not calling back and end up with a more severe complication, such as pneumonia.

Again, more dollars.

This is an example of why diagnosis is king.

In the above scenario the diagnosis doesn’t change, and the outcome was to prescribe a medication, then why not expedite and do it today versus waiting for 2 days?

Diagnosis is king. Patients are the kingdom.

Demonstration of poor patient experience and room for a little glitter.

Remember, we are here to protect and serve our kingdom.

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