Healthcare, Patient Satisfaction Scores, & Glitter

glitter wallpaper pics 1024X768

I was taking a break and reading my feed on twitter when I came across the following tweet from Austin Kleon (@austinkleon), author of “Steal Like An Artist“:

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.45.17 PM

So I instantly had to check out the site. I have to say, I have not laughed so hard, out loud, in quite some time. (

I immediately began to think what if used this in our daily lives? What if I was able to use this myself?

Imagine, if patient satisfaction scores were as simple as opening an envelope of glitter? Imagine the simplicity. The ease.

Imagine walking into the doctors office for your next annual physical and you notice that there is a glitter at the front desk. Or as you sit and are waiting for the physician to enter that you notice there is glitter on the computer screen. Or maybe as you walk the hallway you notice that some staff members have glitter on their clothing and others do not.

Maybe staff members have glitter too. Perhaps a physician can sprinkle some pixie dust on a specialist that just isn’t playing nicely. Maybe a nurse can share some glitter with the anesthesiologist that is throwing a fit about his cart not being stocked. Maybe as leadership walks around they begin to see the reality of the front line staff.

Maybe we get reimbursed for the lack of glitter? Maybe JCAHO leaves glitter behind to let us know where we need to improve?

Maybe instead of all of the badges, certifications, top 100, top 10, America’s Top, World News and World Report, Center of Excellence, and the other healthcare “flair” we see on billboards, maybe it gets simplified for the patients.

The ease is in the visual. No more wondering if other people have a similar experience. No more searching on a website or facebook page for comments, reviews, and trying to find how other people felt about their own experiences.

Either you see glitter, or you don’t.

Think of the simplicity for staff members to identify areas for process improvement, to better drive patient engagement. It immediately stands out, in bright, shiny, glitter. Here I am. Something is broken. Something isn’t working. Please pay attention. Please make it better.

Again, either you see glitter or you don’t.

Maybe the world of healthcare needs a bit more sparkle? Maybe glitter can change the world? Maybe we can fill it with a few more unicorns and rainbows for those we care for daily?

Maybe glitter is the patient experience?

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