MedX: Day 1 Highlights, Insight, and My Takeaways

I am attending MedX ( I have been surprised with the conference. Not because of the hype, the techno beats, the rave lights, or the buzz, but rather because it has some wonderful content that is openly shared.

Most conferences I attend are filled with pontification. An “expert” relating his interest to me with data to support his interest while trying to persuade me to listen. Slides filled with way too many words and numbers that are far to small for anyone in the front row to read let alone someone standing in the back against the wall.

MedX is filled with amazing people. Talented people. Smart people. People willing to dream, challenge, and define the problems. In the entire day, no one has led with the answers, the solution, or the magical one ring to rule them all. (LOTR humor) Instead it was a day framed with what the landscape and experience is today, and lets roll up our sleeves and get to the root of the problem: human interaction.

We live in the “me” economy, yet no one stops to ask ‘ME” what it is that I want.

My Top 6 Takeways For Day 1:

1. No one asks customers what they want
2. Healthcare systems do not have the technology or tools to understand what their cost is to produce the care they deliver
3. Healthcare leads with technology, and there are a lot of wonderful things developed, but a lot of it is not useful to the end user (patients)
4. People want “See me, hear me, feel me, include me”
5. Our technology can’t have a short story, it needs to evolve as the needs of our users evolve over time…..We need to start small and delight customers; deliver small again and delight customers; (repeat)
6. Healthcare value calculation: Value = Quality + Supplies / $ (cost)

Great insight. More importantly, it gives us things to consider as we help to create and define the future of healthcare. We cannot do this in a vacuum, we need to consider all stakeholders.

Stories are being shared. The conversation is occurring. I know it invigorates me to know that when I stand up each day in my job and ask, “What is the ultimate problem we are trying to solve with this product we are developing?” that I at least “get it” even if everyone else in my company thinks I am crazy.

I want to create and deliver the right story for end users, not just any story.

I want the Britt Johnson’s (@hurtblogger) of the world to say he took the time to ask me what it is I need and developed something that benefits me today, tomorrow, and every year after.

Lastly, walking back to my hotel I overheard a man on his phone walking down the street. He stopped and asked the other person on the phone, “Did you ever stop to ask the customer what they wanted?”

Payors, hospitals, healthcare providers, pharma, and medical device companies were never forced to stop and ask the end users of healthcare what it is they want.

Stories are being shared. Balance is shifting. Dollars will follow.

Future healthcare stories must begin with the end in mind, “What is it that my patient/community/end user want?”

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek


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One response to “MedX: Day 1 Highlights, Insight, and My Takeaways

  1. What a concept! Okay, I’m being sarcastic, but it’s encouraging to hear that somebody out there ‘gets’ it.

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